About Stuck Up Stickers

“So you gotta love stickers, right? I started out at around eight, my cousin had acetate pin-ups on the mirror in his garage bathroom. I stared at those things… all cracked and yellowing but every time I walked in there the stickers caught my eye. A statement all in one image, whether it was about cams or gears or whatever automotive they were for but I can still remember that one of them was for Edelbrock. It’s ingrained in my memory forever.

So they shape us. You see stickers everywhere. Warning labels, band decals, product labels and even political bumper stickers. Did you ever think “hey, I’ve always wanted to make this sticker” but really didn’t know where to go? Or maybe “I really need to get the word out about this” but didn’t want to get lost in the sea of so-so stuff online?

Yeah, the big online retailers offer mostly poor quality and they’re geared to large orders. We can run you 20,000 if you need, but you’ll get the same attention from us if you need 100. Our prices are shown in a basic form below, and they change with two variables. Size of decal and how many you need. Don’t be afraid to hit us up for a custom quote, we’ve made runs of decals 44″ x 44″ for large equipment and ones down to .25″ for the tops of giveaway poker chips! Remember, full color and contour (shape) cut of the decal is always included in the price with us!

Waterproof, high-tack adhesive and UV resistant glossy vinyl are our hallmarks. You-Pay-What-You-See is another. No hidden fees, if your artwork conforms to our guidelines, you pay only for your stickers and shipping. Not that we won’t be happy to flesh out that idea you’ve been mulling about for a small design charge.

So don’t wait. Get in touch. Figure out a size and how many, read over our art guidelines or even send me an email that says “I want it to sort of look like ‘this’… but not…” because we’re experts at that too.

Stuck Up Sticker Company.”

Stuck Up Sticker Company
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